Big Ooops

It is 11:16 pm here in Honolulu, and I have just woken up from my “nap” I took at 4:30 pm! Big ooops. We had dinner reservations at 6 pm across the street at a steak and seafood restaurant at the Hilton that I think Mike tried to wake me up for but I stirred and didn’t feel good. Then HE fell asleep around 7:30. This is REALLY going to mess us up!

We must have been so tired after getting up at 4 am this morning, wide awake, and deciding to head out to the eastern side of the island to catch the sunrise. But what a great idea! We found a beach at the bottom of some mountains and hung out there. It was absolutely beautiful! We then continued around the island and hiked half way up a mountain and got great views of the beach we had been on as well as a slight view of Molakai. It has been an interesting mixture of cloudy and beautiful here today – the mountains were covered in clouds but in town and by the beach there was not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky.

After lunch at Hard Rock (which I think is what made me sick), we set out for Pearl Harbor. They show a 20 minute long video presentation on what happened back on December 7, 1941, that made me cry. They have actual footage of the USS Arizona as she explodes. Mike commented that he was surprised there were so many Japanese people there. Here’s where I get completely UN PC. They might not all have been Japanese, I think some were Chinese, some maybe Korean. But being at Pearl Harbor, you assume they’re all Japanese. During the introduction, they ask you to be quire and talk in whispers our at the memorial in respect for the more than 1000 navymen who lost their lives and were entombed on her. So the worst part of the experience was when we got out to the Arizona memorial, many of the “Japanese” were so disrespectful. You can imagine how pissed off some Americans were that they were talking, laughing, posing for pictures as if they were on some model shoot.

For me, the whole thing was just sobering. That you can still see much of the boat, and imagine what happened that day, paired with the video they show…I highly recommend everyone go see it. The frustrating part is that the USS Ward was out at sea and actually sunk one of the Japanese Subs that had been sent in first, and radioed it in. Then the start of their 183+ bombers came on to radar screen, and the control was told to not worry about it, because they were expecting a batch of B17 bombers from the US that day, so they assumed they were the planes on the screen. Complete surprise. Just like 9/11.

We are planning to head up to the North Shore tomorrow to catch round 1 of the Reef Hawaiian Pro, the first surfing tournament in the Triple Crown of Surfing. That is if we can get back to sleep and get up tomorrow. We may be out at 5 am again. I wonder what time surfing competitions start…


One thought on “Big Ooops

  1. I actually met the guy who was on radar control that day who called his commander to report it -really interesting – it was at a ham radio club with my dad. The thing with radar was that it was so untested at the time, nobody really trusted it – but this guy said that he had been using it for a long time and told people that it wasn’t the b17s or a flock of birds (the otehr thing he was told) coming in.

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