How many time zones and how many languages have we been around in the last month? I don’t know, too many too remember. I’m not sure what time my body thinks it is now, it is telling me its hungry and tired, but I’m not sure which one is putting up the biggest fight.

Our flight from ATL – PHX and PHX – HNL were both really quite smooth. The only problem was from Phoenix to Honolulu, we were up against a wall and couldn’t recline our seats at ALL so it was uncomfortable and impossible to sleep for the entire flight. The good news was we arrived in PHX about 15 minutes early and Honolulu about 30 minutes early, so that was nice. We picked up our Jeep Wrangler rental and set off in search of our hotel. We found it with hardly any trouble at all, and it is quite nice. I never thought I’d complain that a hotel had too much water pressure in the shower, but boy…I think I’ll have bruises from where the water was hitting me tomorrow. And there’s no way to change it!

Anyway, we are here, safe and sound at the Aqua Palms & Spa in Honolulu, and I think it is about 1:30 am EST (on the 11th), which means it is 4:30 pm (on the 11th) Gold Coast time, and I don’t know what time, here in Hawaii. 8:18 pm on the 10th.  I think 1 of our 2 full days in Hawaii will be spent sleeping. Goodnight!


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