Our Last Night

We’re on our last night of our trip, finally! I feel like I have been gone months, Mike would like to keep going I think. It will be nice to touch down in the US tomorrow afternoon!!!

 Here are some things we’ve noticed about Europe:

  • People take their dogs EVERYWHERE. They’re on trains, buses, in restaurants….its awesome!!
  • EVERYONE smokes. It is disgusting.
  • I have been on more trains, drank more tea, and breathed in more second hand smoke in 3 weeks than my entire 29 years leading up to this trip!
  • There is no Starbucks in Italy, they drink REAL coffee in Italia.
  • Switzerland really IS expensive. Think expensive, then double it! We just spent $19 on McDonalds.
  • Public transport in Europe far outdoes anything any city in the US could ever imagine to do. I could live here and never own a car. Maybe a moped, but never a car.
  • Our budget for public toilet use has now exceeded our budget for the first 5 nights in hostels. But hey, they’re clean.

That’s about it for now. We’re off to the hotel to pack and get a good night’s sleep before catching our 9:40 am flight home tomorrow. Adios Europe.


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