Pisa and Roma

Yesterday morning we packed our bags and headed off to the Academia to see David. He is really quite a sight to see…much bigger than either of us expected, incredibly detailed, and just amazing. Someone said after seeing him, there’s not much point in seeing any other sculptures, and they are probably right. Definitely glad we got there early though.

We then went to the train station and jumped on a train from Florence to Pisa so we could see the leaning tower. Much less impressive than anything we’ve seen and highly over rated. But hey, we’ve been there now!

From Pisa we got on a 3 hour train ride to Roma. Some of the scenery was absolutely gorgeous as the sun started to set over the water. We didn’t pay as much attention as we usually would have, because we were in a 6-seater cabin with 2 Aussie blokes from Melbourne and I think we chatted the whole way (and annoyed the other 2 guys in the cabin in the process). Darryl and Greg had gone up to Pisa for the whole day from Rome just to see the tower and were even less impressed than we were.

When we got to Roma, the guys got a map from their hotel across the street from the station and gave us a guided tour to our hotel, where we arranged to meet up for drinks a little later. After dinner, we found them and figured just a couple of drinks and we’d go back to the hotel. About 3 hours and way too many drinks later, we managed to find our way back to the hotel.

Today we walked around Rome and it is incredible. From our hotel which is near the train station, we headed to the Colosseum, then wound our way around the Forum and the Palatino. From there we walked to Isola, then on to Piazza Navona and to the Pantheon. The Pantheon is not much to look at from outside, but is pretty incredible on the inside. From there we walked to Piazza Venezia which is just massive,  then we walked to the Trevi Fountain which was just crowded. Now you should pull up a map of Rome and see how much walking that is. My feet haven’t hurt this much all trip!

We are now near our hotel and ready to go download the 200-odd pictures we took today. Not sure when we’ll get them up on the photo site though, as our hotel doesn’t have wi-fi and we didn’t bring a flash drive.

I am continuing to love Italy. I think one day it would be nice to come live here for a while. Must look for Italian classes when we get to Australia.


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