Florence & Bags

I LOVE Florence…and my leather handbag I got at the markets today. Hopefully when I look at it closely later it doesn’t say ‘Made in China’. There were streets and streets of markets – they are awesome!!

Oh, but I was supposed to start this post with “We’ve only been in Europe 2 weeks and already Mike wants a manpurse!!!!!” He said “Maybe a Prada or Louis would be alright.” Hahahahhahahha.

We just booked our hotel in Rome. We are staying within 2 miles of the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. We have 6 nights, and paid a little more than we had planned, but after our recent hostel experiences and staying so far out of Paris, I now believe it is totally worth it and will work an extra year of my life if it means being in a hotel! Mum – I don’t know how you ever did the hosteling thing!!

Have I mentioned yet that I really like Italy???? Back to the markets we go.


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