Change of Plans. Again.

We couldn’t get to Gare de Lyon today without being squished in a bus with hunreds of other people. So we came back to the hostel we’ve been at for the last 2 nights and booked 2 beds for tonight in a dorm style room. The strike is supposedly 30% over and transportation is expected to be “back to normal” by this evening. Keep your fingers crossed.

We cancelled our hotel in Bern and now are trying to get an overnight train to Rome tomorrow. We’ll probably end up spending a week in Rome then head to Zurich and maybe try to get and earlier flight home to Atlanta.

I have a new respect for people who pick up and move to a country where they don’t know the language. It is hard enough without this strike making things harder. The next time I think about going to another country, I am going to take a class on the language there. My last observation is that French people have 3 hands…one to shift gears, one to steer and one to keep on the horn…crazy!!


One thought on “Change of Plans. Again.

  1. Though I can’t speak for Paris, I can tell you overcrowded trains and buses are the norm over there. Popular routes are generally sardine cans. In Rome, the people joke about the bus system motto being “the more the merrier”.

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