Last Night In London

Last night in the hotel was a bit of a nightmare. At 1:15 am some hooligans were outside the hostel, throwing and smashing bottles and everything they could get their hands on it seemed. I think that had me awake for about an hour. Then it seemed like it happened again around 3. I also realized, this morning, that I don’t miss my college dorm communal showers!! Must get flip flops if we are planning on using more of those showers. I don’t think hosteling is for me. But it’s so cheap, it’s hard not to do it.

In any case, we got up this morning and headed in to London. It was a bit of a cold and rainy day, but you expect that from England/London I guess! But the rain wasn’t going to keep us from seeing Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Parliament, Wesminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, riding the London Eye (by which time it was actually quite nice out) and going to Harrods. It was a pretty packed day and we’re both a bit exhausted.

It seems that our Paris trip is not really supposed to be. First, there’s the rugby league world cup, so we couldn’t find rooms for Friday & Saturday nights. Then it turns out there’s a STRIKE on the 18th on the railway so the overnight trains to Rome on the 19th were all booked solid. We managed to sort it all out though. We will be in Paris for 2 nights then Bern, Switzerland for 2 nights. We actually plan to just relax in Bern…sleep in, laze about, etc. before heading off to Rome.

We have to be at Waterloo station, about a 30 minute tube ride from here, for a 10:40 am Eurostar to Paris. With our Eurail pass it was $100 per person, without it, it would have been $300 per person!! How’s that for saving $400? We never would have known that, but my smart, smart husband said, “There’s Waterloo station, let’s go check out Eurostar tickets for tomorrow.” Since we hadn’t yet bought our Eurail passes, we had to get back on the tube and go to Picadilly to the only place in the entire UK where you can buy them. Thankfully we were able to buy our Eurail tickets there, too.

In non-travel/Europe related news, the freakin’ Thrashers have started the season 0-5. Thank God I’ve been too busy to think about them!


2 thoughts on “Last Night In London

  1. all the pictures and the commentary…Glad you’re having an awesome time (even if sharing bed and bath!!)…Brings back ots of memories…Have fun!!

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