Londy Londy Londy!

We left our lovely friends and hosts, Marie-Louise and Paul today, and arrived in London after a few hours of wandering around Oxford. Quite a cool town and I’m wishing I’d have thought at some point in my education to go to school there! Mike said maybe we can encourage our kids to go there, but that would mean we’d have to move there too, of course!

We got the train from Oxford to London, which arrived at Paddington Station. From there, we had to figure out which line to get to go to Kings Cross St. Pancras station. After walking around Mike figured out we needed the “pink” line. That train took us to Kings Cross which was CROWDED as it was 4:30 already, so I’m sure many people were on their way home from work. It was a bit of a nightmare actually, and we ended up getting on a train going the right way, but had to get off at the first stop and change again to go north west instead of north east. No biggie, but lugging my backpack around the strain stations was starting to wear on me and I was getting cranky. Most of all, I was just thinking about how much I can’t wait to get to Australia.

Thankfully our hostel was just 50 meters up the road from Hendon Central station. We are staying in a room that has 13 beds in it and when we left, we occupied #s 7 & 8. No one else was in the room though. We decided to go grab a bite to eat and head in to the city. We decided Tower Bridge station was a good one to get off at, because we couldn’t remember where anything else was. After wandering around the river for a couple of hours and walking across The Bridge, we headed back here to the hostel where we realized a couple of people were already asleep in our room.

I’m not sure I’m going to like this 13-bed hostel room thing, but it’s only for 2 nights and it was really cheap. I just checked hostels in Paris and none of them have availability for the 17-21st, and I’m not sure we’ll get a hotel, either, as the world cup of Rugby is on this weekend, I think.

Tomorrow it’s in to London we go for a FULL day of sightseeing. I think we’ll be using the tube a lot after all the walking we did today!


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