Hockey & Shakespeare

Yesterday was a quiet, sleep-in, relax day leading up to an evening out with the Swindon Wildcats (local ice hockey team). Unfortunately the Cats went down to the Milton Keynes Lightning. Given my strong dislike for the Tampa Bay Lightning, I automatically hated Milton Keynes, but they were a good team, beating the Cats 6-1.

9 am this morning came quite quickly it seemed, as we got up and headed off on our way to Stratford-Upon-Avon, stopping at the Cotswolds on the way. The Cotswolds is a super old area of England in which all the buildings are made out of the same stone – Cotswold stone. We think Madonna has a house out there, as well as some other celebrity folk. It’s a lovely area out in the country. In Stowe On The Wold we had “cream tea” which is tea, with a scone (or biscuit) with jam and cream (read: jelly & REAL cream). It was de-lish.

On to Stratford we went where Mike and I wandered through the house that Shakespeare was born in. Quite a sizely old house, with a nice garden area. The museum part of the property had an interactive “Push this button to see who got what in Shakespear’s last will and testament”. I guess Roseanna was his favorite daughter, as she and her husband inherited all his houses and buildings. His wife inherited his bed and his other daughter inherited all his plates. Lovely! From there we wandered around town to the Windmill Inn which dated back to 1599!! We had lamb and beef roasts for dinner which was really yummy and came complete with yorkshire pudding! So good. Then we went on to the Holy Trinity Church in which William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway are buried.

Now we’re back at Marie and Paul’s, packing as we leave tomorrow morning for Oxford for the day, and then on into London. We’re staying at a hostel in a 13-bed dorm which will be interesting. It was really cheap though, costing us only about $36US a night. If we have a good experience there and can find places like that all through Europe, I think there’ll be a lot more shopping in Italy!!! Fingers crossed!


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