Day 3 England

Big day today. Decided to put Stratford off until Sunday, and set off around 10:30 am and headed for Avebury – a less famous stone collection, but similar to Stone Henge. From there we went to the REAL Stone Henge. It costs 6 pound 40 to get in (US$13) and you can’t even walk amongst the stones. They’re roped off. So we opted for the cheapo’s version of the tour … from the outside of the chain link fence!

After looking at the stones, we headed off towards Bath, a rather quaint old town, but very busy. We wandered through town and down to the river. We came home so we could go for a curry – England’s most popular meal! We ordered a mild and medium dish, just in case the medium was too hot to handle, but actually we both liked that one better. We got a bhoona for any of you familiar with curries.

Unfortunately me ‘n Paul have the coughs and sniffles so we called it an early night so we can all get some good rest tonight. I’d like to shake this thing before heading into London and off on to Paris, etc.

Tomorrow we’re going to see the Swindon Wildcats play (ice hockey team). They told us not to get TOO excited about it as it won’t quite be up to the NHL, but hockey is hockey, it’ll be fun as long as goals are scored and fights are fought. But now, it’s time to get some shuteye.


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