Jolly Ol’ England and the Queen’s Home

Well, we arrived in London yesterday morning around 7:15 am and made our way out to Swindon where friends Marie-Louise and Paul live. Today Marie took Mike and I to the Queen’s house for tea. Just kidding. We did go to the Queen’s private residence, but she stayed hidden away somewhere. I’m not sure what Marie found funnier – the fact that the first picture I took was of a Starbucks, with my back to the castle, or the fact that we got to the security check to get in the castle and Mike pulled out his Smith & Wesson KNIFE! Needless to say, that was not allowed in the castle with us. Although, he wouldn’t have stood a chance with all the men who had guns. It was still amusing though.

Tonight we’re off to a pub to watch a mate’s band play. I’ve uploaded some pictures from yesterday & today. They are at I think tomorrow is Stratford-Upon-Avon. How cultural art thee?


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