The Day Before Tomorrow

One day left before we leave for our European Vacation (look kids, Big Ben!…Parliament!) and the list of things to do is too long. We sold all our bedroom furniture and our coffee table/end tables, the only thing left are our 2 couches. Which is ridiculous, because who WOULDN’T want 2 couches for $200? They’re great couches!! I just got an email about 10 minutes ago from someone who may be interested in them – keep your fingers crossed. The other stuff left in the apartment can all be thrown out at this point.

Tomorrow! We have to cancel a couple of things (power, insurance, etc.), go to the UPS store and pick up our Marriage License from Florida (long story), return my backpack to REI and try to find another one that is slightly bigger (but not TOO much bigger so I can still carry it on) then go to the apartment and throw the rest of the stuff out (and hopefully sell the couches!). Oh, then we have dinner plans downtown at 7 pm. It will be a hectic one, for sure!

Tuesday our flight leaves at 5:30 pm and we arrive at London Gatwick at 7 am. I can’t believe it.


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