Sleeping In & an Itinerary

It’s 11: 12 am and I just got up a few minutes ago. We were at the Thrashers game last night then up late. The game absolutely STUNK. I understand we have some new guys on the team, and the chemistry isn’t quite there yet, but some of our superstars forgot to show up last night. It was so frustrating. And the refs didn’t help.

Anyway, we have a lot to do today. We have to call and cancel all our utilities and our cable. Throw some more stuff out. List our bed on Craig’s List. Go to Sports Authority and/or REI. Pack my bag for Europe…

And speaking of Europe, here is our tentative itinerary:

Tues 10/9 – Depart Atlanta
Wed 10/10 – Arrive London and head for Swindon
Mon 10/15 – Head back to London
Wed 10/17 – Eurostar from London to Paris
Sun 10/21 – Overnight train from Paris to Rome
Mon 10/22 – Arrive Rome

After we get to Rome, we’re not sure what will happen. We have to get to Zurich by 11/2 for our flight back to Atlanta. So that gives us 10 days to do Rome and surrounding areas (Napoli/Amalfi Coast/Pompeii) and make our way up through Florence/Pisa to Zurich. Hopefully we’ll get to Zurich with a couple of days to spend there and do a day trip to Lucern. Then 11/2 we fly back to Atlanta where we have 8 days before flying to Honolulu on 11/10 and on to Sydney then the Gold Coast 11/13-14.

I know it all sounds like an exciting adventure to most, but I am looking forward to 11/15.


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