And another pic…


He really isn’t cussing up a storm, even though it looks like it. You can see part of a car that has just passed us, just ahead of that car is the exit we were headed for. You can also see the lines on the road, and note that we are on the shoulder. You would NOT BELIEVE how many cars pull on to that shoulder way ahead of the exit, to get off the interstate. It was unbelievable. Mike told me to get back in the car, but I was afraid of getting rammed from behind and having the car fall on Mike. So I stood and watched, and made sure the cars saw us. Most of them started to veer onto the shoulder, then saw us and got back over. One minivan got all the way on to the shoulder and I don’t think he saw us until I started waving at him to get back over. What a bunch of idiots. I guess there are some things that don’t change from state to state – bad drivers!!!


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