The Packing Begins

Next Thursday the shipping company is picking up our boxes that are being shipped to Australia. So today I started going through my shoes and clothes to figure out what I will take with us and what I’ll put on the boat. The shipping is supposed to take 8-10 weeks, which would put it there around the first half of December if all goes to plan. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about people whose shipment has taken up to 6 months!!

So in Box 1 is 13 pairs of shoes – and that’s just mine. I don’t know what Mike has! In Box 2 is several shirts, pants, skirts a dress and my denim jacket. I filled the suitcase I have here with clothes I want to take with me, and there are some clothes still hanging up that I will leave with Goodwill. There’s also a laundry basket full of clothes that need to be washed tomorrow…not sure what I’ll find in there, but thankfully I have another suitcase to take to Australia.

And this is before tomorrow’s HUGE early bird specials at Kohls sale…oh boy! I may have to go through a couple of cuts before I finally get to what actually makes it to Australia with me.


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