Paper Mills and Woods

In my continuing effort to “learn” this art of photography, we headed over to an old paper mill ruin that is located in a wooded, state park area between our apartment and my work. I drive past it twice a day on my way to and from work and have been there a couple of times. From the parking lot to the creek is a decent walk, but yesterday it felt like a hike. That’s because at some point, we obviously went down the mountain bike path, not the foot traffic path!

We ended up at the creek, but we were nowhere near the old paper mill or the bridge that goes over the creek. The whole area is very cool with lots of ruins and history. The bridge I was hoping to take pictures of used to be one of the last 2 covered bridges in Cobb county until it burned to the ground. The creek is scattered with large rocks and boulders and when there is heavy rain, the water rushes down it like a rapid. But when there is no rain, it is calm. We managed to take a few pics and they are loaded here. Hopefully we’ll get more this afternoon when we return and look at the map before setting out!

Hopefully the different shoes I’m wearing, more daylight time (we got there around 7:15 last night, way too late!) and getting to take some cool pictures will not make me whine like a little girl like I did yesterday. I’m fairly certain my husband wanted to beat me over the head with the flashlight we took!


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