Fall & Random Stuff

Is today the first day of Fall? If not officially, it definitely felt like it. We went for a walk down by the river and it was absolutely perfect out. I took some pictures that are located here. Earlier today I didn’t really care what the weather was like…I had my hair colored yesterday and this morning I went to pin it back and noticed a patch that had no color!! I flopped back into bed and sobbed. I wasn’t really sobbing about my hair, I was upset about something else and the hair was the straw that broke the camel’s back. But my husband fixed it. Not immediately, but he immediately set the wheels in motion to fix it and a couple of hours later…all fixed! Is that vague enough for you?

So I spent another hour and a half this afternoon getting my hair fixed (after the 2 1/2 hours yesterday!). That was a bit frustrating, but at least it looks better now. By better I mean there’s color on it, overall I’m not thrilled with the hair color but whatever.

Mike is out with the boys tonight and I’m home watching college football. What a looooser.

We had our annual awards banquet at work last night. My leaving was announced and I got to introduce my successor, Jeff. Jeff & Eric will do a great job. They surprised me by announcing a new annual award that is named for me!! That is very cool. I don’t really feel like I’ve earned it. I have been there 7 years and have made many changes, most I think for the better. But I was just doing my job, doing what I was paid to do. But still very cool.

I can’t believe in 2 weeks I will be D.O.N.E. Wow.

Here’s a pic of Dallas from today:



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