Sleepless in My Suitcase

Wow. Packing for 3 weeks in Europe is impossible. I started pulling items of clothing out last night because I thought I’d get a head start on figuring out what I’m going to take. I have looked up the weather and in London/Paris/Switzerland/Venice the temps will probably be low of around 40 and high of around 60. Rome will be a little warmer. And you figure we’ll be doing a lot of walking, so we’ll be warmer than 60. So what the hell do I pack? Shorts? Capris? Jeans? All of the above? All of the above is a lot of clothing. Then there’s the shirt situation. And the “dressier” outfit situation. And the SHOE situation – I have at least 3 pairs of shoes I want to take!

The key words in that is “want to take”. I need to get into a “need to take” frame of mind. Obviously I am going to need warm clothes. But I’m also going to need a few clothes that are less warm. Layers. What I need are layers. And things that are easy to stuff in a backpack for if it gets too hot and I want to change. Like t-shirts or something.

I figured that it would be good to have enough clothes for 6 days of wear before needing to wash, because I’m not even really sure where or when we’ll GET to do laundry. Jeans are good for that. As is my black skirt. I can wear them multiple times before needing to wash. So do I just take 1 pair of jeans and the skirt and a pair of capris?

The last couple of weeks I’ve gone to bed restless. I toss, turn, can’t sleep, can’t stop my mind from thinking. You would not believe the kinds of things I think about. It usually goes something like this:

I have to go to sleep. I can’t go to sleep. What am I going to take to Europe? Will my suitcase be big enough? But will it be compact enough to get a cab to the hotel. How much will a cab to the hotel cost? Maybe we should be staying in hostels. I bet you can get local trains and buses to most hotels. Do I want to wheel a suitcase around on a bus and train all the time? Maybe I should get a backpack. How much stuff will a backpack fit? How heavy a backpack can I carry? I don’t really need a backpack I need to be getting rid of stuff not buying more. I wonder how much money we’ll have. Maybe we should just pay all the credit card debt off as we go and get to Australia with nothing. Or we could pay the cards off over a few months so we have some money when we get to Australia. I wonder how cold it will be walking around or if we’ll warm up. What if it rains? Will we stay in the hotel if it rains? No, we have to still go see stuff or we might not see anything. I wonder what clothes I should pack for Australia and what stuff I should pack to be shipped. The shipment is supposed to take 8-10 weeks, what if it takes 15 weeks? Mike’s tools will be in there. At least we won’t need any cold weather clothing for a while because it will be summer. So we can take 2 suitcases each to Australia, but that means we have to lug that stuff from the airport in Honolulu to the hotel and back and through Sydney airport. We still have to list our furniture online. And I have to sell my car. I wonder how much they’ll give me for it and how upside down I’ll be. I wonder what kind of car we’ll get in Australia. We probably won’t be able to get one for a while, we’ll have to wait until we have jobs. Ugh, we have to look for jobs. What do I want to do? I don’t know.

That’s just a SAMPLE of what goes on in my mind as I’m laying in bed waiting to fall asleep. I think I need to be medicated.


2 thoughts on “Sleepless in My Suitcase

  1. For europe here is what I suggest – take a pair of really good walking shoes and a pair of lightweight sandals that can double as fancy shoes – there – Just saved you a few pounds!

    Next – two pairs of trousers – one being jeans, the other being something like a pair of khakis – so you can get in to places that say ” no jeans.” Bring the skirt too! And a pair of shorts/capris.

    Layers are very good, but don’t bring multiple sweaters. Just bring one.

    Buy an umbrella and take a waterproof jacket – ideally one that you can wear all the time.

    Throw away all your sox and underwear (and t-shirts, etc) that you can before coming home so that you’ll have room for souveniers. This is a trick of my dad’s – he can now manage going on business to Russia for two weeks on one suitcase without laundry.

  2. Oooh that’s a great idea – throwing away socks and underwear and t-shirts for souveniers! Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’m definitely leaning towards jeans, skirt, black pants and capris. That should be enough.

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