More shopping! I wonder if I should have put a “shopping” budget in this European trip…

We went to the mall yesterday specifically to go to Mori luggage so we could get some luggage tags and some passport holders, etc. We got on the escalator heading down, and noticed a sign out front “Closed”. As in permanently! So we went to Macy’s only to realize that there is no way we are buying luggage from Macy’s, even at 50% off!

So walking past the women’s clothing, which I can never just walk straight past because, well, because I have an addiction. So I spotted a rack of jeans and took a peak. They had LONG sizes! That is so rare. I tried a few pair on and really liked one of them. The brand was “Jordache”. I thought, “I have seen this brand somewhere before.” It wasn’t a $120 pair of jeans like Lucky brand or 7 or whatever they are. But they were, I thought, $50. That’s a lot of money for me to spend on jeans. Plus they’re at Macy’s so they have to be a somewhat decent brand.

So Mike took them out of my hands and went to pay for them while I continued perusing the sale items. Who can resist a 65% off rack?!  Turns out they were not $50, they were $70! But on sale for $65! Oops. And it also turns out that Jordache was huge in the 80s and also sold at Walmart, Target and KMart. I THINK. I might be confusing it with “Cherokee”. Now I have no idea.

In any case, I have a new pair of jeans that FIT. That means I am up to 3 pairs of jeans for Europe, which I think will be enough. I am fairly certain I will wear them everywhere.

I can’t help but think of “New Kids On The Block” and stone wash tapered denim when I think of “Jordache” but the pair I have kicks ass.


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