I went to Kohls today. Boy I don’t know what I’ll do without that place when we get to Australia!! I ended up buying (3) 3/4 length shirts, 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of jeans. I am pretty sure I could go home right now and pack for Europe and leave. One of the pairs of shoes is a pair of Sketchers. They felt very soft and very comfortable in the store, but unfortunately were only available in brown. So I bought them, because when you have a size 11 foot, you take what you can get. So I just found them in BLACK online. And ordered them! I will have to return the brown ones this weekend. Hopefully I will be able to wear them for many hours at a time, many days in a row.

Last night we went to REI and we bought Mike a duffle bag that rolls and also has backpack straps. It also has a smaller day-pack zipped on to the front/top of the duffle so you can unzip it and use it for sightseeing, etc. We also got some inflatable neck support pillow things for the plane/train rides and a water container you fill and stick in your backpack and then drink out of a tube from. Apparently in Australia they’re called “bladders”. Charming. “What are you drinking out of?” “My bladder.” Gross.

Now all we need are some plane tickets…


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