I’m So Stupid

So those of you (all 2 or 3 of you) who have been reading this blog, may remember a post not too long ago about how I had accidentally deleted all the blog files…well it happened again. Not only to my blog though, it happened to other websites I had made. I just finally got them all back up and running after 3 days of frustration and not having any clue as to what I had done.

So the next web design lesson I will be learning is how to back up this blog! All those posts are gone. So in the dawn of a new phase of my life, perhaps I will turn this blog into an account of this big “adventure”, as everyone keeps calling it.

I think I can neatly and quickly sum up the posts that were deleted:

  • My husband and I decided to move to Australia
  • We had to sell our house – after 3 fall months on the market with no bite, we took it off the market
  • In March we re-listed it, For Sale By Owner, and it sold in 1 week
  • We moved into an apartment in June with a 4 month lease with the intent to leave in October
  • The plan was to go to Europe and then on to Australia
  • We were going to apply for Mike’s immigration visa once we got to Australia, but decided to apply before leaving
  • The average processing time for said visa is 3-4 months, we applied 3 months before we hoped to leave
  • We continued working, saving, and dreaming about where we might go
  • After 6 weeks the visa has been approved and we should have it in Mike’s passport and in our hands no later than the end of this week
  • And so begins the adventure

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